Dadasaheb Phalke School of Film Studies works under the incorporation and guidance of Centre for New Perspectives in Film and Media, a dedicated non-profit organization. DPSFS builds the next generation of Strong, Well-versed, Technical, Skilled story tellers for entertainment industry, through education. Dadasaheb Phalke School of Film Studies facilitates a tryst of our Indian unique cultural showmanship with the values and ventures of the world cinema. Our curriculum is designed to immerse the student in the pool of technical knowledge with artistic exploration and creativity.



We know that many future geniuses do exist amongst you. Yes, you certainly will be genius by acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. DPSFS orients itself in that direction.


DPSFS nurtures and respects the imagination of our students. We believe that it is important to experiment, challenge and explore new modes of storytelling, and to find new ways to connect with audience.


DPSFS provides thorough knowledge on Film making skills either fiction or nonfiction, full length feature films, short films or films of any genre.


When a comparison is made, this high standard, fruitful career oriented education is within the financial reach of the student


DPSFS system is student centric. DPSFS trains you the way you ought to be trained. The student voice is acknowledged and he/she will get “valuable feedback” in every step of his/ her endeavour.

DPSFS is an active learning experience, where brilliant professors funnel the secrets of success into your eager ears

DPSFS regular, part time and guest faculty is comprised of accomplished, professionals, who represent expertise in their own domains, from Film and Electronic Media. The Film directors, filmmakers, screenwriters, cinematographers, TV and other Media professionals will continuously interact with the students in seminars regularly conducted.


DPSFS will give you structured time to practice your craft in a safe, constructive environment. This is perhaps the greatest gift a school can offer.

“Voice Arena” is attached for the students to express the topics of their choice. Library of films and books with projection and reading facilities. Swimming Pool, Rock Climbing, Cricket playing.


There is tremendous freedom in DPSFS; you generally write your own scripts or work with a writer, cast your own projects, and (hopefully) see those projects through to completion. It is our objective to see that your identity is stronger to face the professional challenges, when you successfully walk out of DPSFS. Here stands a Film School a career-boosting and work ethic-encouraging choice for many prospective students.

DPSFS helps you realize your vision of life.

Why choose us


Technology is a tool, which helps the students to build interest and get motivated.

Best Tutor

Our tutors inspire, ignite imagination, build lateral thinking and cultivate a love of learning

Practical Training

We learn to do something by doing it, we build confidence. Practice prepares us to face any challenge.